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Pipes understands users consumption pattern and tailors news based on that. Packed with fantastic designs & elements to make for a great user experience; Pipes promises to be a perfect product to explore and consume news that really matters to you.

With short Summaries built in, users could get just the sentences that matter.
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Pipes is blessed with a fantastic team of young folks who have put their souls into building the Product that we have today.
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Pipes exists to make consumption of News easy, short, personalized & automated; giving users limitless stories to consume.
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Through this blog I’d love to share my experience & learnings from our marketing campaign that received over 850,000 visitors in less than a weeks time.
It was April 2011, a great time to be young and an Indian. Technology was no more just synonymous with Silicon Valley as India’s startup ecosystem was finally finding its feet. Flipkart was still selling books, SnapDeal was offering coupons with deals, while Zomato was yet to raise its Series A funding.